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    Rules everyone should follow

    - every member has to respect other members
    - being in LuminousRage means you accept those rules by default
    - all applicant to LuminousRage must read and accept these rules before posting their application
    - every new member has to pass at least 2 weeks trial time before becoming a full member
    - you need to have certain amount of skill and game experience
    - writing understandable english is a must!
    - after joining the guild, every new member w/o Tempus Ring has to add "0/50 EoD3" into guildnotice (why that = EoD3 rule down below)
    - guild channel: 5

    - applications not in required format or not meeting the required English standard will automatically be rejected (there's a template on the forum for it)
    - everyone has to fill in the applicaton template and apply, there are no exceptions!
    - all information on your application must be true and complete
    - all fullmembers are allowed to vote for your application, the voting will be closed after few days and you will be informed if your application was accepted or denied
    - players having bad reputation on the server (as being Hackers, Scammers,etc.) wont get accepted here
    - once an application is accepted/denied, it will be removed from public forum a few days later

    Language used in forum and guild chat:
    - speak english in guildchat and on Forum
    - flaming, trolling, etc is forbidden. You should not attack/provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause unrest. This includes immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members
    - the use of language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive is forbidden
    - guild chat and forum is in ENGLISH only. You can speak any other language out of the forum and guild chat

    - GWH provides certain amount of entrys for general dungeon runs
    - Team Speak 3 is needed to go Abandoned City and winning bonus TG
    - if someone in the party needs a dropped item, he/she need to say it and the partymembers will discuss
     how much has to be payed to every partymember

    EoD B3F:
    (All conditions only in full guild party!)
    - GWH gives PoV
    - GWH gives out entry alz
    - Items will be shared equal due to our Drop-Sharing-System
     (item above 500kk single value will be shared separatly)

    Abandoned City:
    (All conditions only in full guild party!)
    - GWH gives PoV
    - items will be sold separatly

    What if Tempus ring drops?:
    - member in trial are not allowed to lot for the ring
    - member who didnt complete 50 guildruns in EoD are not allowed to lot for the ring
    - EoD-run-counter starts from the time you entered the guild, that cause that you add "x/50" (x = amount of guildruns done) in guildnotice
    - if no member is allowed to take the ring or everyone has it already, ring will be sold
     (possible to sell to guildmember (when he is not allowed to lot) for 4b)

    Mission War:
    - every member has to be TG-active ( for example 1 tg per day, or 7 in 1 week)
    - nation "capella" is must! If you are proc you need to change to get accepted
    - its allowed to change to proc for a decent time but it needs a good reason
    - changing to proc needs to be discussed with the GuildMaster
    - Attention! When ur in the proc time you are not allowed to join winningbonus TG
    - the maximum proc time belongs to 1 month, can be changed by the circumstances
    - rewards for guardian/bringer wont be payed for proc side
    - tg lobby spot is behind the warehouse npc

    - apply only if guild reach total week ranking of 1st and 2nd place.
    - every Guardian will be rewarded with 25kk/week
    - Bringer will be rewarded with 50kk/week
    - all rewards getting multiplied by 3 when guild reach rank 1 at the end of the week (monday 0:30 am)

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