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    SuperPred Applicaton



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    SuperPred Applicaton

    Post by SuperPred on Sun May 13, 2018 2:38 am

    My Character Name: SuperPred

    My Age: 27

    Country I live in: Germany

    Character Level: 200

    Character Class: Blader

    Overlord Level: 62

    Merit Score: 98.405

    Honor (lv & % / if max name your Rank and grade on HonorMedalSystem:
    HR20 100% / General 1Grade 53,250%

    What is your cabal history (other server/other character names etc.)?:
    Playing for 11 years now. 99,9% of the time on Mercury. All my ingame names are going by "Pred" in different variations, e.g. Preeed, iPred, etc...

    When is your usual playtime?:
    Since I am one of the working fellows, my playtime is in the evening (and/or weekends ofc).

    How often you are able to go tg?:
    Once or Twice a day (and more on weekends ofc).

    You should invite me, because... :
    Can I really answer this...? Well ofc because I'm unique, like every person on the planet.
    I'm active, I'm friendly, I'm funny - seems likle I don't have that much good characteristics... :-D

    Name your old guild and why do you want to leave it:
    MarsInvasion... as the name indicates, they were some dudes coming back from Mars. Since then (3 months ago) they started quitting - became inactive. The guild is more or less dead with only 2-3 ppl online per day.
    I don't like that, so I want - I need to change that.

    Do you know anybody from guild? If yes, who and what is your relationship?:
    Well going by names I do know quiet a lot of you guys, like the living legend DualRic e.g. cheers
    Personally I know some as well like iTwissxor(Real Life mate), Choronomo or CaptainCloud (We were in the same Guild before).

    Thanks for reading this far... lol!


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    Re: SuperPred Applicaton

    Post by Miamii on Sun May 13, 2018 10:33 pm

    Hello there
    thanks for your application.
    We gonna discuss and vote about it.
    Give us 2 days to do the work.
    We let u know asap

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    Re: SuperPred Applicaton

    Post by Miamii on Thu May 17, 2018 9:53 pm

    hey there
    the voting progress was delayed, sorry for that.
    In the end the voting result overall was positive.
    Welcome to LR Trial Time.
    PM Miamii or DualRic ingame to get invite.

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    Re: SuperPred Applicaton

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