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    Applicaton of xBladerRhino



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    Applicaton of xBladerRhino

    Post by xBladerRhino on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:38 pm

    My Character Name: xBladerRhino
    My Age: 18
    Country I live in: Switzerland
    Character Level: 194
    Character Class: Blader
    Overlord Level: 0
    Merit Score: 1.480
    Honor (lv/%): Class 14(68.08)
    What is your cabal history (other server/other character names etc.)?:i played befor on Redmoon and decided to change on Mercuy cause Redmoon is dead (in my Eyes). i play the game since 8 years( with a lot of breaks) and now i am actvley playing again
    When is your usual playtime?:i play more than 4 hours a day
    You should invite me, because... : i got some Game Experiences wich i can share/ and i love to help someone Ingame with problems or Beginners
    Name your old guild and why do you want to leave it: xExodusx, i am in this guilds since 4 weeks now and we never get a party together for maybe AFT or EOD3 and thats what i didnt liked about it.
    Do you know anybody from guild? If yes, who and what is your relationship?:Not really.

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    Re: Applicaton of xBladerRhino

    Post by Miamii on Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:16 pm

    Hello sir,
    Im sorry to say but you dont require the needed tiers.
    Therefore we are not starting a voting.
    Take care and enjoy playing.

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