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    Miamii Application [Example]


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    Miamii Application [Example]

    Post by Miamii on Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:39 pm

    My Character Name: Miamii
    My Age: 1
    Country I live in: somewhere in EU
    Character Level: 200
    Character Class: BL
    Overlord Level: 97
    Merit Score: max
    Honor (lv & % / if max name your Rank and grade on HonorMedalSystem : 20/100% Commander Grade 10
    What is your cabal history (other server/other character names etc.)?: abc
    When is your usual playtime?: 1 min / day
    How often you are able to go tg?: 1 2 3
    You should invite me, because... : abc
    Name your old guild and why do you want to leave it : abc
    Do you know anybody from guild? If yes, who and what is your relationship?: abc

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