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    How to apply?


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    How to apply?

    Post by Miamii on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:02 pm

    - Register on the forum (please use your actual ingame name as the forum name to avoid any confusion)
    - Read our guildrules

    - Create a new topic in the application section with "(Your character name) Application" as the title
    - Use the "template (copy+paste)" and fill in your information
    - Once you submitted your application we will notify you and start the voting process

    - Any further question can be asked by contacting Miamii ingame

    Note: We kindly let you know that our guild is based on endgame activity mostly, so level 200 / HR 20 / max runes and other standards are simply basic. So keep in mind before you apply if u fit in these tiers or not.

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